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    A Slovak logic game. Can you reach the last floor of the tomb and reveal all mysteries?

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    Quadrax is a Slovak logic video game for PCs. It has become the most successful logic game in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It contains 100 levels where the player controls two characters to reach a predetermined location. Play Quadrax online, in web browser.

    The player can switch between both characters. Characters can move the stones, open the door, control the lifts etc…

    Quadrax game description

    Quadrax is a puzzle game where two characters have to be moved to a predefined place in logical levels. As the entire screen is filled with obstacles, the characters need to help each other get around by flipping switching, moving stone blocks, opening doors, and using lifts. It was originally released for the ZX Spectrum with 50 levels. The PC version conversion contains 100 levels, with variations on the same themes.

    Play Quadrax online

    You can play Quadrax online here, in web browser, for free!

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