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    Super Nibbly

    Here’s another cute clone of the famous snake, only this time instead of a snake you control a worm.

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    Super Nibbly is a Snake-variant where you control a worm in a maze, eating pills while growing. The game is a successor to the previous game by the same developer, Nibbly ’92. Play Super Nibbly online!

    Super Nibbly game description

    The game starts with an overview map, where the snake moves on a path on a group of islands, going from location to location while having some non-interactive funny animation events on the way. At each named village, the game switches to a maze screen where the player can control the snake. The mazes are similar in layout as the pac-man style maze, a fixed single screen, only without enemies.

    The objective is for the snake to eat all pills/cookies in the maze, before returning to the overhead map and moving to the next location.

    The player controls the snakes movement one step at a time, and there is some strategy involved in navigating the mazes, while there also is a timer ticking down.
    The rules are that the snake can move forward, or to the side, and avoid being blocked by its own body from moving anywhere.

    Eating a pill makes the snake grow one segment longer. There are special objects appearing in the maze for a limited time, that can affect how the snake grows (longer/shorter) or giving extra points or a time extension or special object called a ‘puck’. In some locations there are dead-ends, which if entered could trap the snake, but the snake can shoot a puck (which looks as if it split off its head) into these locations, and so get all pills in the dead-end.

    Each location has multiple mazes to traverse before the player returns to the overhead map.
    Failing to avoid the snakes own body, loses a life, and the maze restarts anew. Failing three times and it’s game over.

    Play Super Nibbly online

    You can play Super Nibbly online here, in web browser for free!

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