The Humans 3: Evolution Lost in Time DOS front cover
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    The Humans 3: Evolution Lost in Time

    In 1995, GameTek, Inc. publishes Humans 3: Evolution – Lost in Time on DOS. Also published on Amiga, this strategy game is abandonware and is set in a puzzle-solving and real-time.

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    Zoo keepers from an alien world have scoured human history to steal 7 important figures from different epochs, and it is your job to rescue them. First you will have to explore four worlds to find the 6 pieces of their Time Machine, avoiding the chasing aliens. Play The Humans 3: Evolution Lost in Time online!

    Unlike Humans 2, this is a full sequel to the game known as Evolution: Dino Dudes on some systems with a new game engine, rather than merely a data disk with new levels.

    As before the gameplay is influenced by Lemmings. Each of your characters have their own abilities, including fire-creation, grabbing and smashing, which must be used in conjunction to beat the puzzles before you. Passwords are offered for each level.

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