Weebee Worlds DOS front cover
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    Weebee Worlds

    Weebee Worlds is a single player puzzle video game for MS-DOS, created and published by Lifetimes in 1994.

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    Weebee Worlds is a puzzle game similar to Sokoban. There are several boxes on the game field you have to push on the right spot. You have to consider that a level cannot be won if you push a box on the edge of the screen or if you block the way to the exit. Play Weebee Worlds online!

    There are several gimmicks: teleporters, trampolines or transparent floors. There is no strict time limit – you can puzzle as long as you need to, but after a certain time you don’t get any points for the high score list. Another interesting feature is the “Undo” function to revoke failed moves. You can use it five times per level.

    The game has 55 levels and an editor to build your own.

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