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    IndyCar Racing

    IndyCar Racing is a racing game by Papyrus Design Group. It was released in 1993.

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    IndyCar Racing is Papyrus’ second racing game, four years after the release of Indianapolis 500. With an official license, all the real track names and designs are available (eight in total), with authentic sponsors and logos. Other features include multiple TV-type replays, a comprehensive garage and setup routine and breakaway parts when making contact with other cars. This is a pure open-wheel simulation, based on the American races, with realistic car handling and room for racing techniques based on grip, ideal racing lines, and throttle-to-brake interaction. Play IndyCar Racing online!

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    IndyCar Racing featured a multiple race season, although not the complete racing season which was based on the then current IndyCar racing series. Some original drivers from the season were included in the game as well as fictional characters to fill out the driving roster completely. Rather ironically this sequel did not originally include the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway among other tracks due to licensing issues.

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    You can play IndyCar Racing onilne here, in web browser for free!

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