Mario Andretti’s Racing Challenge DOS front cover
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    Mario Andretti’s Racing Challenge

    The game is a 3D racing game from the 1st perspective. Replays can be viewed from the 3rd persion perspective.

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    The greatest race car driver of all time Mario Andretti welcomes you to make a career of professional racer/driver. Obtaining the sponsor, you’ll take a $20,000 and ready to start. For this money you may buy a Sprint Car and win a season races in this series to collect the money and progress to another series. Play Mario Andretti’s Racing Challenge online!

    Mario Andretti’s Racing Challenge game description

    There are six series available – Sprint Cars, Modified, Stock Cars, Prototypes, Formula 1, Indy Cars – each next is more expensive than previous.

    The gameplay flows as first-person perspective driving simulation with ability to replay your actions in third person camera view under different angles. You have to be in top 3 at each race to progress in race levels (Heat, Consolation, Feature) on each track during the season to win more money.

    Before starting the career you may practice to drive a specific car in each race series to beat the top speed, to explore different tracks (Monte Carlo, Detroit, Hockenheim, Daytona, LeMans, Indianapolis Fairgrounds, etc.), to count the number of laps for pit stop using, or just for fun. Also you may save/load your progress in the game.

    Play Mario Andretti’s Racing Challenge online

    You can play Mario Andretti’s Racing Challenge online here, in web browser for free!

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