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    Race Mania

    An arcade racing game.

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    Race Mania brings you fast and furious 3D action racing. In this racing game there is no such thing as fair play. Bump and smash your opponent racers off the track. Up to 8 human players can join the racing action. Split-screen mode for 2 players is possible. Play Race Mania online!

    Race Mania game description

    It includes 20 exciting tracks and 10 different cars.

    Racing management: You can buy and sell cars and repair them. Create your own tracks with an included track editor. Create own racing leagues or choose one from the ten existing ones. Choose your style of play: Peaceful, Normal or Brutal.

    It is an arcade racing game, similar to Micro Machines in the sense that it features top-down camera, and the gameplay itself is pretty fast. The game has numerous tracks and vehicles to choose from. There are various gameplay modes, including single race and various championships.

    Play Race Mania online

    You can play Race Mania online here, in web browser for free!

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