Super Punch-Out!! SNES front cover
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    Super Punch-Out!!

    Super Punch-Out!! drops Mike Tyson in favor of several new pugilistic opponents, some of whom use illegal boxing moves. Does Little Mac has what it takes to make it all the way to the championship?

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    Your dreams are finally going to come true! All the years of training…all for that day where you’d finally step into the ring, amidst the roar of the excited crowd, to square off against the best of the best…you tighten your fist and hear your gloves tighten with them…you take a step foward…the door opens before you…and the boxing ring beckons your name! Play Super Punch-Out!! online!

    16 world champs are here, with the same dream as you: to win the WVBA Championship! Welcome to the world of boxing, kid! Give ’em an uppercut or two for your fans!

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