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    Slicks ‘n’ Slide

    Slicks ‘n Slide is a top-down racer originally released as shareware for DOS. Full version features a track editor. You can race cars, motorbikes, UFOs and slide on oil slicks. Slicks (as it was commonly known) was a huge hit in Finland where it was made.

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    Slicks ‘n’ Slide is an overhead racing game where you try to drive your vehicle as fast as possible in available tracks. Play Slicks ‘n’ Slide online!

    Slicks ‘n’ Slide game description

    You can also use weapons to slow down your opponents. The idea of the game can look simple but Slicks ‘n’ Slide has very detailed options giving you the opportunity to change it in your own style.

    Slicks ‘n’ Slide offers a variety of vehicles you can race from motorbikes to tanks, and flying saucers to cars. There are heaps of them, and they are all lots of fun. Personally I preferred the motorbikes ;). You zoom around the track, of course you can configure how many laps you want to do, whether you want a one-off race and specify the track, or go through all the tracks in a championship fashion. The tracks are all very cool, some with jumps, puddles, sand and oil spills etc. There are over 20 tracks for you to have a hoon on. You can leave behind little skid marks if you want that option! It’s just so cute and there are so many options.

    It takes a definite knack to mastering the ability to turn the corners without losing control. The computer players are pretty good, and when you play your friends, well, they are gonna pretty good too. It’s quite easy to pick up this game. So you get the hang of turning the corners skidding out and planting foot (or should we say key). Of course the flying saucer is not the best for turning the corners, as it floats :D. Another good corner turning strategy is to bump off other racers on the track. But when you have a crossing over track, the fact you can hit other racers can end up with massive collisions and everyone gets slowed down. The collision option can be turned off (see, another ‘option’! What such a great game!).

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    You can play Slicks ‘n’ Slide online here, in web browser for free!

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