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    Turbo OutRun

    Turbo OutRun is the first arcade-based sequel to the legendary 1986 original.

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    Turbo OutRun – The sequel to OutRun features similar basic gameplay to the original, with the action viewed from behind the car, and the challenge being to complete each stage within the time limit. Contact can cause the car to spin, slow down or even flip; in each case you will lose time. Play Turbo OutRun online!

    Play Turbo OutRun online

    There are 16 stages set across the US, gradually moving from east to west, all depicted differently visually. After every 4 levels, you go into a shop screen, with a choice of upgrades. As the title implies, you now have a turbo booster installed, which speeds up the car, although over-use can cause the engine to overheat, and it is not recharged until each shop section. You have 5 continues, and failure to complete the course within the time limit costs you one.

    A turbo boost greatly increases the car’s speed when engaged. It must be used sparingly, however, as overuse will cause the engine to overheat, rendering the turbo useless until the engine has cooled, which indicated by an on-screen ‘Overheat’ meter.

    Weather conditions are a new innovation, with both snow and rain having an adverse effect on driving conditions and car handling. Road surfaces also vary greatly in quality, with sand, oil, speed bumps, safety barriers, standing water and other debris all adding to the challenge.

    Another new addition is the ability to upgrade the car, possible upon completion of every four of the game’s sixteen stages. Available power-ups are an improved turbo boost, a more powerful engine, or better gripping tires.

    Play Turbo OutRun online

    You can play Turbo OutRun online here, in web browser for free!

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