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    Paranoia! is a clone of the real-time-strategy classic – Dune 2, set in similar, sandy sci-fi environment, where spice is replaced by “hopsinky” – fruits of plants of strategic importance.

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    Paranoia! is a real-time strategy game very similar to Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty. The player’s troops collect “hopsinky”, which are the crops that are processed in a distillery and turned into money. With money the player can construct buildings and units to conquer enemy. Play Paranoia! online!

    The objective of the game is to destroy all enemy units and buildings. There are some subtle differences between this game and Dune II such as the renewal of hopsinky or the usage of mines to defend the base. The game’s story is set in 2673 in Beretta solar system on the planet Paranoia.

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