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    Perhaps the most advanced shareware RPG ever released for DOS, Aspetra is a console-type RPG with an epic story. The pseudo real-time battle system is straightforward and polished, and the graphics and sound are quite good for this genre.

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    Aspetra is a Japanese-style RPG. The player spends much time in the wilderness and in dungeons while randomly being attacked by groups of 1-5 enemies (always of a single type). Play Aspetra online!

    Then their pictures blend in over the current background image and the player has to fight them in semi-turn-based combat: you can only act once your turn comes up, but if you take too long, monsters will continue taking their turns. The available options are attacking with weapons, using an item, or running away. Eventually the player may also learn how to use magic spells. When the hero is victorious, he receives coins, experience points, and eventually a level-up which heals him and improves his stats.

    The hero, who claims to be sent by the mage Eldirood, emerges from a cloud and is apprehended by the local law enforcement. However, the conversation is cut short because the nearby village is attacked. When the hero reaches it, everything is already over and the village elder kidnapped. Of course the hero offers to rescue the elder, which starts his journey through the land, which will lead him to fight a big evil…

    In towns, the hero can either visit an inn for full recovery, talk to the population, or visit a shop to buy/sell items and equipment. Weapons increase damage output, shields increase physical defence, and rings increase magic defence. Items and equipment may also be found within treasure chests.

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