Castle of the Winds I: A Question of Vengeance DOS front cover
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    Castle of the Winds I: A Question of Vengeance

    A fantasy adventure game for early Windows operating systems, Castle of the Winds was notable for its randomly generated dungeons, which were populated by monsters “borrowed” from Dungeons & Dragons, which was possible thanks to its simplistic graphics.

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    A Question of Vengeance is the first of two episodes of Castle of the Winds. For this release of the top-down role-playing game the first episode of the shareware game released as a retail title. This release can be run directly from the floppy disk by just typing ‘GO’. Play Castle of the Winds I: A Question of Vengeance online!

    It’s a top-scroller that uses a “Your move-My move” system. This is multiplied about 30 times because every enemy on the level is allowed a move for every one of yours, but they don’t all know where you are right away. It has a good and somewhat optional storyline, for the replay factor. When you create a new character you can distribute ability points between three characteristics, and select their gender and name. The levels and weapon abilities are randomly generated for an extremely high replay value.

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