Ultima VII: Part Two – The Silver Seed DOS front cover
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    Ultima VII: Part Two – The Silver Seed

    The only expansion pack to Ultima VII: The Serpent Isle, The Silver Seed sent players underground and centuries into the past.

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    The Silver Seed is an add-on disk for Ultima VII: Part Two – Serpent Isle. It adds a new scenario with five quests, in which the player has to go back in time to find the silver seed which would heal the lands. Play Ultima VII: Part Two – The Silver Seed online!

    In order to fit in with the original story line, these quests need to be completed before finishing the original game.

    This add-on also contains a few useful items such as a keyring for storing the many keys found in the game world, as well as a few interface improvements such as new hotkeys. These items and changes carry over to the main game.

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