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    Alien Syndrome

    Alien Syndrome is a cooperative, top-down, run & gun shooter with aliens developed by SEGA as an arcade game in 1987. Compared to other shooters at the time, Alien Syndrome introduced a horror atmosphere in an isolated space station, along with some exploration and survival elements.

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    Alien Syndrome is a scrolling run and gun shooter arcade conversion. Your job is to run around and rescue all the captives and make it to the escape hatch before the time bomb explodes. Then face the mother alien at the end of the level. Play Alien Syndrome online!

    In the game the characters Ricky and Mary have to blast their way through scores of vicious aliens, release all the captives and reach the escape hatch before the time bomb explodes in 6 large levels. After succeeding in getting to the escape hatch, the player will suddenly get attacked by a terrifying end boss.

    You can play as a single player or two people, taking turns (Player 2 starts the game after Player 1 dies and vice versa).

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