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    Super Contra

    Super Contra, also known as Super C, is the sequel to Contra. In addition to side-scrolling levels like its predecessor, Super Contra introduces top-down levels, which replace the third-person segments of the original.

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    Super Contra (Super C) is the sequel to Contra. Gameplay is a combination of side scrolling/platform and top down view. There is a wide variety of enemies to defeat, starting with earthly locations, and progressing to more alien. To help out, weapon upgrades can be found as the game progresses. Two players can play simultaneously, or one player can attempt to take on Red Falcon himself. Play Super Contra online!

    Super Contra game description

    The alien Red Falcon is back, and planning on taking over the planet Earth. Now it’s up to Scorpion and Mad Dog to battle through five levels and save the planet.

    All of the weapons from the original Contra return here, though the Fire weapon has completely different behavior. Like the first game, weapons are obtained by shooting down pods which fly across the top of the screen at certain parts of the levels. In addition to the weapon powerups, the pods can drop a shield that provides a short period of invincibility and a bomb that destroys all enemies on the screen.

    Play Super Contra online

    You can play Super Contra online here, in web browser for free!

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