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    Skunny: Lost in Space

    In 1993, Copysoft publishes Skunny: Lost in Space on DOS. This action game is now abandonware and is set in an arcade, sci-fi / futuristic and shooter.

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    All TV Satellite dishes have been stolen by a horde of crazed Schnozes. Astronauts were sent to the Moon to retrieve the dishes but have been captured by the villains and are now being forced to take part in bizarre alien rituals. Play Skunny: Lost in Space online!

    Skunny: Lost in Space game description

    The secret agent Skunny Hardnut is then sent to the Moon rescue the astronauts and retrieve the dishes, equipped with the state of the art Moonbuggy.

    Skunny: Lost in Space is a rework of Atari’s Moon Patrol. Skunny has to scroll all the way right at each level, firing the Moonboogy’s twin lasers against enemies and jumping craters. The Moonbuggy has limited ammo and energy. As he wanders throughout Moon’s landscape, he can collect lives, ammo and health items.

    The player can choose any of the ten levels to start playing (two in the shareware version). The game features a “smart” save feature, which automatically saves the game if the player exits the level during gameplay.

    Play Skunny: Lost in Space online

    You can play Skunny: Lost in Space online here, in web browser for free!

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