Slordax: The Unknown Enemy DOS front cover
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    Slordax: The Unknown Enemy

    If you haven’t played Slordax: The Unknown Enemy or want to try this action video game, download it now for free! Published in 1991 by Softdisk Publishing, Slordax: The Unknown Enemy was an above-average shooter title in its time.

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    Slordax is a rather typical shoot-’em-up vertical scroller with EGA graphics and five levels. An unique feature is the ability to control how fast the screen scrolls. Play Slordax: The Unknown Enemy online!

    Legends tell of a race of super beings, the Slordax, who once tried to conquer the galaxy. The war lasted for a century. In the end, the Slordax were repelled. The Slordian system was dead for over seven hundred years. But now the Slordax are back. The Intergalactic Defense Alliance gave you the task to take them out with your RedDog Adaptive Strike Ship before they grow too strong to defeat.

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