Harpoon II: Admiral’s Edition DOS front cover
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    Harpoon II: Admiral’s Edition

    As follow-up to the world’s best naval simulation ever, Harpoon 2 is a big disappointment to fans of the original.

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    Harpoon II is a simulation of modern-era naval combat. A variety of ships such as surface and sub, as well as missile weapons and aircraft must be tracked and accounted for when engaging in battles. It is a single player game, and takes place in real-time (though you can set the clock ratio to suit your needs and even pause the game). Play Harpoon II: Admiral’s Edition online!

    Rather than being a straight Cold War-style U.S.S.R. vs the USA game, Harpoon II’s scenarios are mostly based on third-world encounters, such as USA vs North Korea, or Peru vs Ecuador, etc. The initial release contains BattleSet: Global Conflicts I, featuring 15 missions.

    You take charge of a naval force composed of either few small ships armed with only cannons and light rockets/missiles, or an entire carrier strike force with it’s own air force and long-range cruise missiles.

    This collection includes the original Harpoon II, part of the long-running naval strategy series, and seven distinct battle sets:

    1. Global Conflicts One (as included with the original game)
    2. Global Conflicts Two
    3. Global Conflicts Three
    4. Cold War
    5. Westpac
    6. Regional Conflicts One
    7. Regional Conflicts Two (exclusive to this pack)

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