SimEarth: The Living Planet DOS front cover
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    SimEarth: The Living Planet

    Somewhat similar to the hit Maxis game SimCity, SimEarth: The Living Planet gives the player complete control of a planet, and must find a way to develop sentient life.

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    SimEarth: The Living Planet is a 1990 life simulation game created by Maxis. Players can take control of an entire planet, controlling it’s various life forms, editing weather and natural disasters, and watching as they evolve and die through the many years in which the player can control the planet. Play SimEarth: The Living Planet online!

    SimEarth allows the player to work from various scenarios and worlds, and life forms include dinosaurs, birds, insects, fish, even machine life.

    The controls available to you include the chance to move mountains and continents, creating different levels of species, and unleash tidal waves and earthquakes so as to reshape your planet. All of these things take from your limited energy, which must be replenished.

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