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    Wing Commander: Academy

    Wing Commander Academy is a simple tie-in game for Wing Commander 2, based on the in-game training simulator.

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    Like the training simulators that have previously appeared as options in Wing Commander 1 and 2, Wing Commander Academy is presented as the actual training simulator that pilots in the Wing Commander universe would use. You can pick any of the ships from Wing Commander 2 and pit them against enemies of your choosing using the built-in mission editor, or try to get the highest score in the infinite wave based survival mode pitting you against increasingly difficult enemies. Play Wing Commander: Academy online!

    Wing Commander: Academy game description

    Wing Commander Academy puts players into the role of a fresh young recruit at the Confederation Academy, where new pilots must test their skills in the simulator. Unlike other Wing Commander games, this game features no storyline or campaign. Instead players may play through simple dogfight missions or build waypoints on an interface similar to the radar view. Using this mission builder, the player may place objects that include friendly fighters, enemy fighters, enemy capital ships, space stations, and ejected pilots.

    Controls and graphics are almost directly copied from Wing Commander II. Similar to that game, the player engages in a first person space battle against Kilrathi forces in 360 space. Players are able to choose different ships, weapon types and wingmen.

    Play Wing Commander: Academy online

    You can play Wing Commander: Academy online here, in web browser for free!

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