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    Championship Manager 93-94

    The videogame series responsible for more poor European college grades than any other got serious for the first time in Championship Manager ’93.

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    Championship Manager 93/94 refers to the second installment in the Championship Manager series of football management sports computer games. Play Championship Manager 93-94 online!

    Championship Manager 93-94 game description

    Championship Manager 93/94 is the successor to Championship Manager. The text-based interface remains the same, but several new features have been added to the game. Included now are reserve squads, transfers with international players and injury time. Also, the match engine has been slightly changed to give more information. As it could be expected, all statistics are up to date with the 93/94 season, including real world teams and players.

    The game featured four playable English divisions (First through to Fourth; the newly formed FA Premier League did not appear until CM 93/94). In the game, each division contained only 20 teams, whereas in real life they contained 22 or 24 teams at that time. Also included were all of the major domestic cups of the time (including the Anglo-Italian Cup) and the 3 major European trophies (including the now defunct Cup Winners’ Cup).

    Any teams outside of the four playable divisions and all foreign teams had no player names at all. Instead, players were simply called “No.3” or “No.10” depending on which position they played.

    One of the most innovative things about the game was the introduction of “average ratings” for players – after each match the performance of every player was graded from 0-10 and as the season went on the player’s average rating would allow the manager to easily see how each player was performing.

    New features

    This game improved on the original in many ways – by far the most significant change was the use of real player names for the first time. This was the one major feature which the game had lacked in comparison to its rivals. Other key features to be introduced in this game included the following:

    • A list of selected foreign-based players that could be bought
    • Much more in-match commentary
    • Injury time
    • More player awards
    • Eight different background pictures
    • Improved loading times
    • The implementation of the FA Premier League

    Play Championship Manager 93-94 online

    You can play Championship Manager 93-94 online here, in web browser for free!

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