The Games: Winter Edition DOS front cover
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    The Games: Winter Edition

    The Games: Winter Edition is the follower of Winter Games. Epyx has chosen a new selection of events. Some events were already available in Winter Games, while others are new in The Games. Together with the Winter Games is The Games a nice collection of Olympic disciplines.

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    Once again Epyx invites players to compete in winter Olympics. This time there are 8 events which can be played, which are: Figure Skating, Cross Country Skiing, Speed Skating, Ski Jumping, Slalom, Downhill Skiing and Luge. Play The Games: Winter Edition online!

    Up to 8 players can either play the complete Olympics, compete in one or more events or simply practice an event. Some events can be played simultaneously (Cross Country Skiing, Slalom and Speed Skating) while the others have to be played one after another.

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