UEFA Champions League DOS front cover
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    UEFA Champions League

    Another licensed football game from Krisalis featuring the UEFA Champions League for the 1995/1996 season. You get to see some of the official Champions League videos for the intro and other ingame animations.

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    As soon as you see the menu, you will understand just how similar this game is to another of Krisalis’ football games from the same year, namely Manchester United – The Double. The clubs, players and player attributes are presented in exactly the same way. Play UEFA Champions League online!

    This time however, you can only choose from among the sixteen clubs that played Champions League in the 95/96 season. Various options have been improved in this game. As well as playing the competition with the actual clubs, you can edit and make various competitions and single matches, with those sixteen clubs. No other clubs or transfers of players are possible. Starting options are now also much better. You can easily change the positions of players in the tactics menu, reconfigure keys etc.

    When the match starts, you will notice improved graphics resembling those of FIFA International Soccer, along with throwing the coin and choosing sides. That’s about it for the improvements. After MU – The Double that was really fun to play, it is very interesting to see how they managed to completely ruin the gameplay with several flaws.

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