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    Shufflepuck Cafe

    Shufflepuck Cafe is a computer air hockey game developed by Christopher Gross, Gene Portwood and Lauren Elliott for Brøderbund. Play Shufflepuck Cafe online!

    Play it online!
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    One puck, and only two competitors. One is the computer, and the other is, of course, you. You get a chance to match your skills at this Air Hockey style game, over ‘Cantina Band’ inspired music. Deflect the puck around the walled area using your bat, trying to knock it into your opponent’s goal.

    There are several competitors, from which some of them definitely cheat, so be prepared to be laughed at. However, you can cheat as well, as you can resize your stick to fill the whole table width, or add one in the middle, and see who breaks glass first. There are single plays or the tournament where you play opponents in order of difficulty. The winner is the one who reaches 15 glassbreaks first.

    There are two game modes. The player can compete in a tournament, playing against opponents who visit the Café, or can practice against each opponent to find out his/her/its weakness in a single-player match.

    The game is controlled via the computer’s mouse. The bat on the playing field bounces a hockey puck between the player and the opponent. When one of the players manages to knock the hockey puck past the opponent’s bat, the player scores.

    After a set number of points (usually 15) the match is over.

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