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    Crazy Cows

    Funny clone of X-com, but with cows instead of alines.

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    Crazy Cows is a strategy game much similar to the turn-based combat modes introduced by games like Jagged Alliance or X-Com, although less complex. The game itself consists of one big battleground where two teams – the Grey Cows and the Brown Cows – fight each other. Play Crazy Cows online!

    Crazy Cows game description

    Each team must battle each other for victory until the last cow wins. Each team has a number of cows that will fight for the cause. The teams have no advantages or disadvantages and only differ in color, like in chess.

    The battleground map, other than the two herds, also consist of scattered weapons: a katana sword or a shotgun and various terrain. However, the battleground map also introduced fog of war, where both team players must search the grey areas in order to achieve line of sight. Once they grey area’s are explored, it stays that way.

    The game play is divided into two major modes, movement and combat. Movement consists of moving the cow in accordance with the Movement Points (MUs). While moving, the cow can usually search and explore the battleground to find enemies and weapons, as well as pick up weapons, which is done automatically by moving to the square where the weapon is allocated. A cow picking up a katana (melee) automatically becomes a Ninja Cow in a ninja outfit. A cow picking up a shotgun because a Mean Cow Punk with black shades (ranged). Cows can also move into strategic squares for defence or offence.

    Combat depends on what weapon the cow wields. If the cow is a ninja, eventually it has to come within range of the enemy cow, i.e. an adjacent square. Shotgun cows can attack enemy cows at range within line of sight.

    Play Crazy Cows online

    You can play Crazy Cows online here, in web browser for free!

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