V for Victory: Market Garden DOS front cover
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    V for Victory: Market Garden

    Covers Operation Market Garden and various actions by the units involved.

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    V for Victory: Market Garden game description

    Atomic’s description of the Market Garden, third game in the series: “A peaceful lunch is interrupted by thousands of transport aircraft. The greatest airborne operation of WWII is beginning… It is a daring attempt to overcome both natural obstacles and the enemy, penetrate into the heart of Germany, and end the war before Christmas.

    V for Victory: Market Garden takes the series to southern Holland. As the British commander, you must take and hold bridges across three major rivers, secure a foothold across the Rhine, and open a corridor for the invasion of Germany. As the German commander, you must delay the British advance, destroy the airborne divisions, and prevent the British army from reaching German territory.”

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    You can play V for Victory: Market Garden online here, in web browser for free!

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