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    PaybackTime 2

    PaybackTime 2 is a turn-based tactics game for up to four players. Its visual style and combat mechanics are heavily inspired by X-COM: UFO Defense, but the game is about a fighting tournament rather than an alien invasion.

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    PaybackTime 2 is a turn-based tactics game which bears many similarities to the tactical combat phase of X-COM: UFO Defense. The premise in PaybackTime 2 however is not that of an alien invasion, but rather of a futuristic combat sport of some kind. The players control teams (called units) of warriors that fight each other in a variety of environments. After each match the winning team gets money and experience points that can be spent to build up the strength of individual warriors, buy weapons, armour and equipment, and hire new team members. Play PaybackTime 2 online!

    PaybackTime 2 game description

    PaybackTime 2 is primarily a multiplayer game, with a hot seat mode for up to four players. There is also an option to play against AI opponents, with four difficulty levels selectable. Each player can field a team of up to 20 warriors. There are three pre-generated teams of warriors in the game, and there is an option to assemble custom teams as well. In games with more than two players, any two or more players can be allied and fight on the same side.

    The shareware version of the game only allows two-player games (either between human players or against an AI), and the number of warriors that can be fielded during a match is limited to 10. There are three different maps in the shareware version. The registered version removes these limitations and expands the number of maps to 22. Additionally, the weapon editor, item editor and map editor are enabled in the registered version to enhance game customization even further.

    PaybackTime 2 comes with a very detailed manual, called the Tactics File, which explains the basics of how to create a new team, equip it and fight successfully. One of the pre-generated teams is used as an example.

    The game has a considerable variety of futuristic weapons, which include firearms, energy weapons, explosives, grenades, and mêlée weapons. A separate text file is included with the game that contains descriptions for each weapon and item. More powerful weapons are capable of destroying much of the environment, including walls, which adds to the tactical opportunities during combat.

    How to Play PaybackTime 2


    • Start by creating a unit (team) for each player in the Headquarters.
    • Enter the game, configure battle options, select a map, player options and finally your units/warriors.
    • The battle will be fought until there is only one side standing. The warriors will gain experience as they do combat and the experience may be spent in the Headquarters in form of training.
    • For more detailed information about the game mechanics, read through the documents stored in the docs directory.

    User Interface

    • The game is fully keyboard-driven. Arrow keys, Esc, Enter and Space keys are used for most menu and in-game navigation.
    • In-game, you can use the visible shortcut menu to issue commands as well – use PageUp/PageDown and Backspace to navigate in the menu.
    • F1 can be used to enter a help screen in-game and in the map editor.

    Play PaybackTime 2 online

    You can play PaybackTime 2 online here, in web browser for free!

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