Firo & Klawd DOS front cover
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    Firo & Klawd

    Play Firo & Klawd online! Go it alone or grab a friend and race through the Big Apple to solve a dangerous mystery. Firo & Klawd features over 15 levels of nonstop action and an Active Auto Detect feature that automatically adjusts game difficulty according to the player’s skill level and ability.

    Play it online!
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    In the depths of New York City live two animal cop characters living out their own dreams (Firo, an orange ape and Klawd, an alley cat).

    But when counterfeit crimes push the city to its limits, the two must knock their differences to the side and clean up the mess that the other cops are yet to achieve. Includes a mix of Isometric platform action, and 1st person shoot ’em up stages, with plenty of laughs along the way.

    Firo & Klawd gameplay

    The player takes the role of either Firo (an ape police detective) or Klawd (an odd job cat) and sets out to find out who is distributing phony dollar bills around the city.

    Each level consists of branching paths to take in the story, some levels switch to a first person point of view where you shoot villains on screen however losing on these levels will cost you a live, all ending up at the same place eventually.

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