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    Hugo III: Jungle of Doom

    In the game, the player controls the protagonist, Hugo, who must find spider venom antidote to save the life of his girlfriend, Penelope, who is bitten after their plane crashes in the South American wilderness.

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    Hugo III: Jungle of Doom is an adventure game released for MS-DOS in 1992. It is the third game in the series, following Hugo’s House of Horrors (1990) and Hugo II: Whodunit? (1991). Play Hugo III: Jungle of Doom online!

    Hugo III: Jungle of Doom game description

    Hugo III: Jungle of Doom is the third and final installment in the EGA adventure series Hugo. The game features the existing engine in previous Hugo games along with some new features. These include a turbo button, and a “hints” feature. In this game Hugo and his girlfriend Penolope crash in a jungle somewhere in South America and she is soon bitten by a poisonous snake. As Hugo you venture through the jungle, confront a witch doctor and try to find the “pool of life”. The Hugo series goes on to become a 3d first person shooter, Nitemare-3D.

    The player moves Hugo around by using the arrow keys on the keyboard, and controls his actions by entering commands on the keyboard (or, in the later-released Windows version, one can use the mouse).

    Play Hugo III: Jungle of Doom online

    You can play Hugo III: Jungle of Doom online here, in web browser for free!

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