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Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds

Civ II: Fantastic Worlds is the second expansion for Civilization II. Play Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds online!

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Civ II: Fantastic Worlds is a scenario pack (the second) with nineteen total scenarios for Civilization II.

Dinosaurs and dragons. Monsters and elves. Enter the realm of Fantastic Worlds, the Sid Meier’s Civilization II add-on where magic and imagination rule in more then 15 new fantasy and sci-fi based scenarios.

The game adds new scenarios that have many unique settings, such as one scenario dealing with colonization of Mars, one scenario called Midgard that has Elven, Goblin, Merman, and other civilizations from fantasy.

Running the range of speculative possibilities from fantasy to science-fiction, it includes a Norse Midgard scenario, an Atlantis scenario, and a Jules Verne scenario… as well as Civ versions of MicroProse-published classics Master of Magic, Master of Orion and X-Com. It also includes a robust set of tools so that players can make their own scenarios.

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