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    Klass of ’99

    Slick gameplay and lovely graphics come together in glorious union to create what has been hailed in some circles as a game worthy of full-price release. But to you mate, it’s free.. Rich is god.

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    This remake of Skool Daze replaces the limited 8-bit graphics and sounds from the original with new enhanced assets while maintaining the same classic gameplay from 1985. Besides the overall graphical improvements, this version adds small touches like random weather and other special effects. The player assumes the role of Eric, a school student in a desperate quest to erase a disastrous report file from the director’s computer. Play Klass of ’99 online!

    The teachers and other fellow students are shown moving about on a scrolling side-view of the building, where the player has to guide the main character to the classes and make him attend and perform other chores from the daily routine. The protagonist can interact with the environment and cause mischief, write messages on the available blackboards, punch the other kids making them fall flat on their backs, and shoot pebbles at distracted teachers with a slingshot.

    Eric must hit the shields decorating the many rooms of the building to retrieve the password for the headmaster’s computer, where the report file is stored. After being caught doing any transgression, he receives a random number of lines as punishment, with 10000 as the maximum allowed before being expelled from the school. Most of the children are anonymous characters milling around the location, but some have names and personalities that can hinder progress. Angelface is the local bully that sometimes contracts mumps, infecting Eric if he crosses path with him and causing the end of the game, as the sick boy is sent home by one of the teachers. Einstein is a snitch, telling the teachers about any misbehavior he witnessed.

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