Franko: The Crazy Revenge DOS front cover
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    Franko: The Crazy Revenge

    A violent beat-’em-up developed and set in Poland. Known for its notoriously low quality.

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    Franko: The Crazy Revenge is a classical Double Dragon-style action beat ’em up game. With excessive amount of blood and violence, it is suitable for mature audiences only. The player walks right through the streets of a Polish city (decorated with typical decor of the communist era). Play Franko: The Crazy Revenge online!

    Franko: The Crazy Revenge game description

    On his way, he faces various kinds of enemies, from punks, through karatekas, to infamous Communist law enforcement groups like ZOMO. The enemies can be fought with a variety of hand-to-hand blows and moves, though some of them carry guns.

    Alex and Franko were a pair of great friends, born in times where Poland was morphing from communist country into something else. Lost in the world, they couldn’t find them self in the new reality. Living in the Polish city of Szczecin, the two were growing up in a rather unfriendly neighborhood. Mastering martial arts, they found their life tough but very interesting. Until one day a band of thugs attacked them. After a long fight, when Franko was able to see and feel again, he saw a body of his friend, and in his ears he still heard the laughter of the band’s leader, Klocek. Now it’s time for revenge.

    Play Franko: The Crazy Revenge online

    You can play Franko: The Crazy Revenge online here, in web browser for free!

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