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    Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat

    A combat flight simulator featuring the likeness, stories, speech, and advice of famous aviator Chuck Yeager.

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    Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat is a flight combat simulation. Fight over 50 missions with Chuck Yeager’s advice on your side. You can use the mission builder to create your own missions if the history-based missions don’t offer enough challenge. Play Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat online!

    Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat game description

    Replay modes let you fast forward and rewind through a recorded battle, including a 3-D “cube” visualization that helps analyze what happened.

    This flight simulator allows players to fly six different aircraft on both sides of three separate conflicts. Missions begin with a briefing and some flying advice by none other than sound barrier-breaking Chuck Yeager(!), with voice recordings of him saying things like “talk about long odds!” and “check six!”

    This game is unusual in that it takes place over three distinct eras of air combat, rather than focusing on one. This gives players a firsthand look at the development of air combat, and the technologies and corresponding tactics as they evolve over time.

    The earliest conflict in-game is World War II. On the US side, players take seat in the famous P-51. German pilots use the very capable FW-190. You can take part in missions that were common over Europe at the time, with allied B-17’s and B-24s requiring escort from P-51’s and other non-player aircraft as they are swarmed by Me-109’s and FW-190’s. World War II air combat in this game is very up-close and comparatively simple, as players use gun-armed, piston-powered planes to accomplish their objectives.

    Play Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat online

    You can play Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat online here, in web browser for free!

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