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    Street Fighter Alpha 2

    The sequel to (and remake of) Street Fighter Alpha brings five new fighters into the fray including newcomer schoolgirl Sakura while adding a new special ability: the “Custom Combo”, in which players can trigger a massive timed combo chain using their Super Meter.

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    Another Street Fighter sequel (this time for Street Fighter Alpha) adds even more to the classic fighting series. Play Street Fighter Alpha 2 online!

    New characters in this version include Gen (a wise kung-fu master), Rolento (who you may remember from another Capcom classic, Final Fight) and Sakura, a young school girl who follows her hero Ryu so close, she has the same type of moves. Dhalsim and Zangief also return to the fight with some news moves.

    The other major difference is the loss of chain-combos and the gain of a custom combo system. Once you reach the required level (which is 1 at the least) you can execute a custom combo by combining any of the buttons (which there are 6 in total) or any of the special attacks (fireballs, etc.)

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