Shadow Warrior: Twin Dragon DOS front cover
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    Shadow Warrior: Twin Dragon

    “Who wants some Wang?”

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    Twin Dragon was one of two authorized add-on packs for Shadow Warrior that were canceled during development and later released as freeware. It features a completely new single player episode consisting of 13 levels, three new Wang-Bang levels and more. Play Shadow Warrior: Twin Dragon online!

    Twin Dragon game description

    Lo Wang also had a twin brother, Hung Lo. Because his mother was unwed, she was forced to put both up for adoption. Lo Wang was sent to a family with a good heart, whilst Hung Lo was adopted by an evil overlord.

    As can be expected, Hung Lo did many evil deeds because the evil overlord taught him the dark ways of ninja fighting. Now Lo Wang is up to the task to battle through Hung Lo’s evil fortress and face his twin brother.

    Lo Wang has to journey through his dark minions, reach his palace and defeat the evil Twin Dragon Hung Lo once and for all. When he reaches the palace, Lo Wang defeats his brother by shooting a nuke at him, which kills Hung Lo in the process.

    Play Twin Dragon online

    You can play Twin Dragon online here, in web browser for free!

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