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An Ordinary Sonic

An Ordinary Sonic Hack is a challenging yet creepy 2D adventure-running ROM hack game that was released by Cinossu. Play An Ordinary Sonic online!

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Here is a hack for Sonic where you not only play through the levels but every so often you will warp to an alternate dimension where you cant hurt some enemies and you are being chased by “creepypasta” sonic… You only means to temporarily escape the twisted dimension is to smash an item box.

An Ordinary Sonic game description

This hack adds the creepy-pasta character Sonic.exe to the traditional game – making the game extremely more challenging. The main objective of this game is to reach the end of the stage safely as you encounter not only the regular Badniks, but also the devil.

Every once in a while, you will be transported to an alternate dimension. In this creepy dimension, you won’t be able to defeat the Badniks, and the creepy Sonic.exe will chase. To escape the twisted dimension, you need to smash an item box and return to your world.

Hitting an item box on time will save you from losing the game. The ring protection mechanic also exists in this game. Having at least one golden ring will protect you from losing any life.

This game is not for a faint-hearted person as it contains jumpscares and a piece of creepy background music and environment. Will you be able to finish all the levels to defeat Dr Robotnik and free all the trapped animals?

Play An Ordinary Sonic online

You can play An Ordinary Sonic online here, in a web browser, for free!

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