Sonic 3 Cz Sega Genesis front cover
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Sonic 3 Cz

Sonic 3 Cz is a hack by Hayate which adds Amy Rose and many new gameplay features to Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Play Sonic 3 Cz online!

Play it online!
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Originally, the hack was called Sonic 3 Customizable, and came with a customizer program that could be run to turn options on or off. It was inspired and based off Tiddles’ hack, Sonic 3 Complete, before the latter had a customizer. However, Tiddles’ one was far easier to use, being web-based, and had a lot more options, so Hayate decided to take his hack in a different direction.

Playing as Amy Rose in Sonic 3 Cz

Amy’s is quite a slow character compared to the others, but has a really high jump. She can’t roll into a ball (unless forced to do so by the game), instead, she attacks with her hammer.

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