The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse SNES front cover
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    The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

    When Pluto is dog-napped by the evil Emperor Pete, Mickey Mouse sets out to rescue him (with the help of several magical costumes with special abilities).

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    This was the first Mickey Mouse game for Super NES, featuring a traditional platform gameplay and colorful Disney-like graphics. Play The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse online!

    Mickey’s mission is to save his dog Pluto, who’s been kidnapped and kept inside emperor Pete’s castle, in a magical land, guarded by mysterious creatures.

    The originality of the game lies on the possibility of wearing different costumes to incorporate different characters, all taken from old Disney cartoons. Each one has a special ability. As a wizard, Mickey has magical powers; as a fireman, the mouse can deal with fire; and, as a climber, he can reach the top of high platforms.

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