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    Jump ‘n Bump

    Jump ‘n Bump has no plot, other than that it involves up to four rabbits in multiplayer deathmatch: Dott, Jiffy, Fizz, and Mijji, trying to hop onto each other’s heads to squish each other and score a point, while sending gibs flying everywhere.

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    Jump ‘n Bump is a 1998 freeware and open source MS-DOS platform multiplayer video game by Brainchild Design. Play Jump ‘n Bump online!

    Jump ‘n Bump game description

    A real-time multiplayer-only keyboard-crowding (or network) game, this game pits up to four human-operated cute fuzzy widdle bunnies against each other for one goal only: lagomorphic cranial domination. The rabbits are controlled by players on the same computer, using the keyboard, mouse, and/or joystick.

    Against a pastoral Warner Bros. backdrop (or any of over a hundred fan-made levels!) these rabbits re-enact 2D platform Joust glories minus the lava, eggs and ostriches; in short, the players pursue each other — now hunting, now hunted, the tables turned at the blink of an eye — aiming to exploit variable special landscape features of slippery ice, delaying water and elevating springboards to their advantage.

    Points are scored by jumping on other bunnies’ heads, to great (and gory) effect; a running tally of head-squishings is kept, with flattened players continually re-spawning.

    Play Jump ‘n Bump online

    You can play Jump ‘n Bump online here, in web browser for free!

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