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    Weird Dreams

    Weird Dreams is a cinematic platformer game by Rainbird Software which was published for the Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64 and MS-DOS. A modified version of it served as the visual component to a phone-in quiz on ITV’s Motormouth.

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    Weird Dreams is a third-person platform game with action and puzzle elements. The game contains bizarre levels and unorthodox activities, including feeding a wasp cotton candy, beating up hopping totem poles with fish from the sky, and an encounter with a baked chicken in a haunted house. The game comes with a “short novel” that explains the plot in detail and serves as copy protection. Play Weird Dreams online!

    Weird Dreams game description

    A severely ill man is on the operating table when a Daemon named Emily trapping you in your own subconscious. To escape you must find four orbs, which are trapped within a selection of esoteric mini-games set within the darkest Dali-influenced recesses of the mind.

    The background story is told by the novella. Steve is in love with his attractive coworker Emily. Unbeknownst to Steve, Emily is possessed by a daemon named Zelloripus who was banished to Earth, stripped of most of her powers, and trapped into a human female due to unspecified crimes done to other daemons.

    Emily sees a chance to let someone else suffer and stifle her boredom. She tricks Steve to take three pills she has mixed to “cure his flu”. While the pills do cure him, they also grant Zelloripus access to his body and mind. His dreams become both more lucid and strange, each one getting more intense and painful. Steve’s psychiatrist does not understand what causes the dreams, and neither does Steve. He refers him to a neurosurgeon. After his health dramatically declines, Steve undertakes brain surgery in an attempt to stop the dreams. Under an anaesthetic, he slips into one more dream, possibly his last.

    The game starts where Rupert Goodwins’ novella ends, with Steve lying on the operating table and slipping into the dream world. Steve is controlled by the player through numerous surreal worlds. He can collect certain weapons and items on these levels, but with a few exceptions, cannot carry them to another level. Steve has no health meter; he immediately dies if he comes into contact with an enemy or an obstacle. He can also die if he remains too long in certain areas such as the Country Garden, where a lawnmower will come and decimate him. When Steve dies, the game returns to the scene in the operating room where the surgeons attempt to save him. There are no save points in the game, and instead of score points the player’s progress is stated as a percentage.

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    You can play Weird Dreams online here, in web browser for free!

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