Alien Breed: Tower Assault DOS front cover
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Alien Breed: Tower Assault

Continuation of a successful horror action game Alien Breed with lots of upgrades!

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Alien Breed: Tower Assault is a science fiction shooter released as a third game in the Alien Breed series in 1994 by studio Team17. It was also a last 2D game in the series. Play Alien Breed: Tower Assault online here, in web browser!

Alien Breed: Tower Assault game description

The story begins in barracks, somewhere in a deep space, when a strange signal is recieved from a science facility on a distant uninhabited planet. A small group of soldiers are sent to find out what happened, looking for potential survivors.

As the ships are approaching the planet, automatic defense systems starts to fire and only one ship with two survivors crash-landed on the surface. Now it´s only up to you to find out what is happening in this strange science facility…

Play Alien Breed: Tower Assault online

Play Alien Breed: Tower Assault online, in web browser for free!

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