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    Hyper Lode Runner

    Hyper Lode Runner is an action/platformer developed by TOSE Co. and published by Bandai Co. for the Game Boy platform. Play Hyper Lode Runner online!

    Play it online!
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    Hyper Lode Runner plays similar to Lode Runner. You must run around on brick platforms gathering all the gold, while avoiding enemies, known as Mad Monks, who follow your every move. You can zap blocks to create temporary holes to trap enemies or to escape through to platforms below.

    Play Hyper Lode Runner online!

    To make levels more interesting there are ladders and vertical ropes to climb, but the enemies can use these too.

    You begin standing on a platform, ladders either side and many piles of gold are visible. Everything has a basic (but generally clear) design: the gold, the repeated brick pattern and the squat helmet-wearing robot you can see on a platform above.

    It’s not a difficult level, but there are still areas where new players may slip up. The game controls feel natural and work just fine: D-Pad to move, B to dig left and A to dig right. Having two buttons to dig may seem like an over-complication but it works well and you’ll soon appreciate that it makes things easier than if you could only dig in the direction you’re facing.

    There are 50 levels to play, and there is also an editor and a VS mode.

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