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    Trip World

    Trip World is a 1992 platform video game developed and published by Sunsoft for the Game Boy. Play Trip World online!

    Play it online!
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    Thanks to the Maita Flower, Trip World is at peace. It is being protected by an old Shabubu, a member of a race of bunny-like beings. The flower grows on the holy mountain known as Mount Dubious. However, one day the old Shabubu is attacked and the Maita Flower is stolen.

    Trip World becomes disarranged and its inhabitants don’t stop quarreling with each other. But there is one hope in the form of the old Shabubu’s grandson, Yacopu (also spelled Yakopoo).

    The player controls Yacopu through five stages in this side-scrolling platformer. The young Shabubu’s trademark ability is to shapeshift into different forms. In his normal form, he is able to walk and jump as well as to kick enemies, Yacopu’s primary way of attacking.

    Play Trip World online!

    Unlike in many other platformers, many of the enemies don’t harm you on contact and push your character around instead. However, certain foes might attack you after you damaged them, while others do so from the beginning.

    At almost any time, the player can change to the flying or fish form.

    Flying Yacopu is able to reach places he wouldn’t otherwise be able to, while the fishy hero is best suited for underwater areas. You also come across power-ups that temporarily give your character new powers, such as stunning enemies with seeds, bouncing around as a ball, or attacking with an extended tail. Beneath the mountain, settings in the game include a jungle, the ocean, and a castle.

    In each stages, you have to defeat a boss at the end. Eventually, you will encounter the one who stole the Maita Flower. The flower must be retrieved in order to save peace in Trip World.

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