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    Rocket Knight Adventures

    Rocket Knight Adventures is the first side-scrolling action game starring Sparkster. Play Rocket Knight Adventures online!


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    Sparkster lives in the kingdom of Zebulos, and is the bravest of all the Rocket Knights. One day, an army of pigs comes down to invade the kingdom and capture the princess. It is up to Sparkster to set things right again.

    Most of the gameplay in Rocket Knight Adventures involves using Sparkster’s rocket pack and sword. Sparkster has to fight off many bosses and survive many precarious situations. The levels are interspersed with a variety of elements, like shooting stages, and giant robot combat.

    Rocket Knight Adventures story

    The past

    The world you are about to encounter is called Elhorn. It is a world of warriors, magic and machinery. It is also the home of the kingdom of Zephyrus.

    Zephyrus is a kingdom with a long history. Its first king was El Zephyrus. Now, it is difficult to sort the ancient legends and myths from the facts. The prevailing belief is that El Zephyrus was a brave hero who fought a band of evil would-be invaders who sailed in a powerful ship called the “Pig Star.” These invaders would have brought destruction to El Zephyrus and his clan. They fought hard, and though the odds were against them, El Zephyrus would not give up. His courage and conviction provided the leadership necessary to overcome their opponents. After defeating the invaders, El Zephyrus became the ruler of the peaceful land, and the Pig Star was placed under a magical seal to keep it out of enemy hands. The “Key to the Seal” was guarded by Zephyrus and his royal family.

    From generation to generation the Zephyran family has guarded the Key. Because the Pig Star had the power to destroy whole worlds, the Kingdom of Zephyrus has always been subject to attack. An elite fighting force was formed – the powerful Rocket Knights. These armored warriors used rocket packs and mystical swords as well as superb fighting skills to protect and serve the kingdom.

    The current leader of the Rocket Knights is the brave Sparkster. He emerged as leader when the Rocket Knight master Mifune Sanjulo was destroyed by a corrupt knight called Axel Gear. Sparkster fought Axel Gear and banished him from the land, but there are rumors that Axel Gear has returned to the kingdom.

    The present

    The kingdom has recently come under attack from the nearby Devotindos Empire. Overwhelmed by the robot-led army’s attack, the Zephyran forces are nearly wiped out. The Zephyran empire is on the verge of crumbling. Sparkster feels the presence of Axel Gear behind the attack, and heads to Castle Zephyrus. Sure enough, Axel Gear has taken the Princess! He plans to use her as a hostage to blackmail the king and get the Key to the Seal, but he doesn’t realize that the Princess is actually the only one left who knows the location of the Key.

    The future

    There isn’t going to be a future if Sparkster doesn’t rescue the Princess from Axel Gear’s threat before the Key is recovered and the Pig Star is reactivated.

    The fate of Zephyrus is in your hands! You control Sparkster. Are you hero enough to face the challenge of a lifetime?

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