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    Little Nemo: The Dream Master

    Little Nemo: The Dream Master is an NES game that is based on the animated film, Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. Like the film, Nemo travels to Nightmare Land in his dreams to rescue the King of Slumberland, Morpheus, from the King of Nightmares. Play Little Nemo: The Dream Master online!

    Play it online!
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    Based on a comic strip from the 1900s, Nemo is a young boy from London summoned to the kingdom of Slumberland, a fantasy realm filled with strange creatures and dream-like locations. You soon learn that the King of Slumberland has been kidnapped by the Prince of Nightmares, and you are requested to save him by Princess Camille.

    Play Little Nemo: The Dream Master online!

    Using your only weapon, a sack of candy, you stun enemies and lull friendly animals into helping you through levels like the Mushroom Forest and Train Land. This platformer featured licensed characters and artwork from the comic, along with using the animals, such as apes and moles, to traverse through the different terrain.

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