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    Lester the Unlikely

    Play Lester the Unlikely online! In the beginning, a typical teenage boy named Lester, who is “kind of geeky” and “kind of sleepy” recently got a new issue of the Super Duper Hero Squad comic book.

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    He was reading it while walking on a dock until he fell asleep next to a cargo crate lying beside a cargo ship. After he and the cargo were loaded onto the ship by a crane and cruised off, the ship got hijacked by pirates who scuttled it. Lester luckily found a life jacket and swam toward the most adjacent island while the cargo ship sank. Lester must find his way home by exploring the island for someone or something that can help him survive.

    Lester the Unlikely game descirption

    One day Lester was walking through Seaport City’s loading docks reading the new issue of his favorite comic, “Super Duper Hero Squad.” Feeling a little tired from playing video games late the night before, he looked around for a comfortable place to finish his comic.

    Without thinking, Lester stretched out on a pallet that was ready for loading onto a nearby freighter. And fell asleep.

    Boy, did he pick a bad place to take a nap. Several hours out of port he woke up and found himself in deep trouble (and more than a little seasick). The ship’s captain believed his story about being an accidental stowaway. But… only in cases of extreme medical emergency could the ship return to port. And Lester wasn’t that seasick. Yet…

    So, he was along for the ride… until the first port of call. But as chance would have it, pirates hijacked and scuttled the freighter. Luckily enough, Lester found a life vest before the ship sank and swam for the nearest tropical island.

    Just before reaching the beach Lester passed out from sheer exhaustion. Now, his real adventure begins…

    It is up to you to help Lester get back home.

    You’ll face such things as giant seagulls, panthers, pirates, and the spirits of the underworld.

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