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    A point and click adventure set to the story of Peter Pan.

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    Hook MS-DOS game is a point and click adventure, and the pirate setting ensures that it recalls the Monkey Island games. Play Hook online!

    Hook game description

    The top 2/3 of the screen features a visual depiction of the area Peter is in, which a row of icons along the bottom can be selected to alter the function of a mouse click. These include looking at an object, picking it up, talking to people, using objects to solve problems (often in combination with others), and giving objects to others.

    Peter Banning is an ordinary suburban dad with two kids – or so everyone thinks. What not even his family know is his past as Peter Pan, scourge of Captain Hook in JM Barrie’s children’s fiction. Captain Hook gains revenge on Banning by stealing his two children, so Peter must return to Neverland, return to eternal childhood, and get them back.

    Play Hook online

    You can play Hook online here, in web browser for free!

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