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    Orion Burger

    Proving that burgers aren’t always good, Orion Burger focuses around the attempts of alien invaders to turn humans into burgers.

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    Orion Burger is a traditional puzzle-solving adventure with cartoon-like 2D graphics. It uses verb commands “Take”, “Use”, and “Talk” for interaction with the environment. The game consists of five tests, each of them requiring Wilbur to explore his home town, talk to people, gather inventory items, and solve tricky puzzles in order to succeed and qualify as a sentient being. Play Orion Burger online!

    Orion Burger game description

    Orion Burger is vexed. Environmentalist pressure is threatening the company’s pretense that it only uses unintelligent raw materials, forcing it to abduct pet shop assistant Wilbur Wafflemeier and test him for sentience before scouring his planet clean.

    The company is still brazen enough to rig the tests. Wilbur fails miserably. He is supposed to be returned to the moment he left and remember nothing, but the teleporter fails even worse. Wilbur arrives intact to a time one hour before his abduction, and can now cheat back.

    Gameplay consists of wandering around Wilbur’s hometown of Boonsville, solving puzzles to gather gear and information for the aliens’ five tests. Wilbur is abducted at regular intervals, tested, and returned to Boonsville through the failing teleporter for another iteration of the loop. Going back in time resets the town and empties Wilbur’s inventory, but after Wilbur passes a test, he’ll automatically (and instantly) prepare for it on all subsequent iterations.[1] Some tests are puzzles themselves, others merely cutscenes.

    Events happen at specific times, allowing Wilbur to take advantage of his foreknowledge. The player can also opt to skip straight to the abduction or give up on a test. Due to the time-loop gameplay mechanic, the game cannot be lost or rendered unwinnable.

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    You can play Orion Burger online here, in web browser for free!

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