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    Time Paradox

    Time Paradox is a point ‘n click adventure game in which the player gets to control a female character who travels back in time on a mission to see the magician, Merlin. Play Time Paradox online!

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    Having been sent back to the times of Cavemen and Dinosaurs, Kingdoms and Knights, Time Paradox challenges you to find your way back to not just the present day, but to the future as well. Encounter helpful friends, meet devious foes, mix potions of magic, and even experience the supernatural in your quest to ride the time machine which controls your character’s fate.

    Meet Kay. She comes from a world in the future, where time-travel IS possible. Kay works for a mysterious council which keeps time-travellers in check.

    Now, Kay has been urgently summoned by the Elders and given a new assignment: Apparently, Morgana La Fey has been causing trouble again – she has been jumping around in time, causing chaos in the past. Now it’s up to Kay to find Morgana, bring her back, and repair any damage that Morgana has caused in the time-line.

    So Kay uses her time machine to travel back in time, in search of the evil Morgana; everything has been prepared for her, and she is sent back to prehistoric times. She must find Morgana’s time-machine, destroy it before anyone else finds it, then bring Morgana back.

    Of course, nothing is ever that simple. As Kay investigates things, Morgana’s influence becomes more and more obvious. Poor Kay must overcome many obstacles before finally coming face-to-face with her nemesis.

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